How It All Started

At the age of 19 I opened my first tax preparation business when I found out I had a baby boy on the way.
My first year in business my brother and I struggled, we worked 2 jobs just to make payroll for the tax preparation business.
From the profits we were able to make, it was devastating when it came to file our taxes. We owed $40,000 in taxes and we were left back at breakeven. 


"The reality is, its not about how much you make, its about how much you keep!"

Fast forward 13 years later...  

I have been fortunate to help over 4,500 business owners maximize their profits and pay less in taxes legally.
I began the Taxout Movement to widen my reach and allow my team to help me service thousands more business owners, but this time around the entire nation.

 My #1 Supporter


Every man needs a strong woman by his side. I thank my wife Jessica for supporting me throughout this entire journey. She has been not only an amazing wife but an amazing business partner. She is the true foundation to this all, keeping the entire team aligned throughout our busiest times. Im honored to say that she plays both our roles at times while I am busy working 7 days a week during tax season.


“Your Network Is Your Net-Worth”

I believe education is the core foundation to every young child learning. BUT I do believe that school is not meant for everyone.
That is where self education comes in. I have personally learned more through networking, seminars, and courses than I did in school.
That is why I am a firm believer in networking and expanding your circle.  

I've always heard from great speakers, "Follow the footsteps of someone who has what you want" and I couldn't agree more.